Learn The Insider Secrets of How to Appraise Your Domain for Maximum Profit

Published: 11th April 2011
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Yes, that is correct, back in 2001 the domain name business.com sold to a New York company for $7.5 million. That is just one of the more famous examples. There will be many more high priced domain selling in the Internet world…the main reason is that most of the .com's have already been taken. That means that if you want a .com there are less choices out there, which in turn would drive up the price for domains.

Domain registrars like DomainDiving.com have being selling/offering more and more domain extensions to website owners to account for the huge spike in domain sales demands, but there are still some domains out there that can garner a lot of money.

So, if you are in the domain name market either as a buyer or seller you must make sure you appraise your domain or the domain you want to buy properly.

Remember, you must look at your domain as a type of asset, just like land, buildings and inventory.

So how are domain name appraisals done?

Well these are done by zooming in on the core characteristics of the thing that is being valued. Professional appraisals are normally split into two types - Express or Certified.

In an Express Domain Appraisal you would get the follow appraisal based on these 5 characteristics.

1. Commercial Use - how is the domain being used?
2. Brand Recognition - does the domain have a brand name that is recognized
3. Name Length - very long domain names are worth less
4. Dot Value - .com is the most valuable, but it depends on the market
5. Hyphen/Numeric and Word Count - the easier it is to remember, the more value

When you get a Certified Domain Appraisal you get an additional in-depth analysis of 5 Industry standards.

1. Presence - how established the domain is on the internet
2. Precision - the actual structure of the domain
3. Popularity - the demand for your specific domain
4. Pattern - keyword relation and character values
5. PPC - strength of keyword in regards to pay per click

As you can see there are many factors that go into domain appraisals, but if you are serious about selling your domain for money or buying a domain, you must get it appraised so that you have a true understanding of what you can expect. The small investment for a professional domain appraisal is worth it when you think about the profit you can make from it, don't guess, get it done professionally.


To ensure you get maximum dollar for your domain name or if you want to make sure you are buying a domain name and not getting ripped off, get a professional domain appraisal. Visit http://www.domaindiving.com and get your domain name appraisal for only $5.74. This small investment can be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

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